Philadelphia Auto Accident Law Firm: Keep Our Teens Safe This Summer

teen driving restrictions

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The injury lawyers at our firm are committed to keeping children and teens safe. We’ve seen far too many auto accidents and injuries involving young children and teens. These accidents are almost always preventable.

Once summer break arrives, teens will be driving on Philadelphia streets and highways. Many teens will be injured in auto accidents. Prevention begins with education.

Take Safe Driving Seriously – Sign a Parent-Teen Driving Agreement

teen driving restrictionsTeens and parents should sit down and discuss an agreement. The Centers for Disease Control provides a basic agreement which parents can use. Download a free copy here. Using agreements like these help teens accept responsibility for safe driving.

In the agreement, the teen driver agrees to abide by traffic laws and be safe. The agreement also allows the parent and teen to agree on other rules, such as the maximum number of passengers in the car or driving in bad weather.

The agreement also spells out predetermined punishments for violation of the rules. For instance, texting while driving may result in XX weeks/months of the loss of driving privileges.

Parents – Be Sure to Set a Good Example

It’s important to note that safe driving is something we must teach by way of example. After all, children tend to mimic the behaviors of their parents. Therefore, parents must set a good example. Parents who text when driving or otherwise engage in any risky behaviors when driving are setting a terrible example for their children.

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Legal Consequences of Causing an Auto Accident

For many teens, the risk of causing a car accident often seems far-removed. However, the consequences of causing a serious accident are too great to ignore. Teens who cause auto accident injuries may be charged with crimes. In the best case scenario, there is no jail time and only probation. In the worst case scenario, a teen driver may be sentenced and go to jail or prison. For example, a teen who gets drunk, causes a car accident and maims or kills someone will probably spend time in prison.

In addition, teens who cause auto accidents may be sued in civil lawsuits. Civil lawsuits are often costly, time-consuming and become part of the public record.

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