The Link Between Drunk Driving and the Super Bowl – By a Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the most watched programs during the year. Unfortunately, it is also linked with an increased number of car accidents due to drunk driving. Our Phila. car accident lawyer discusses how you can avoid a drunk driving accident this Sunday.

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If you are going to be driving on Philadelphia roadways and PA highways this Super Bowl Sunday, did you know that your chances of being involved in a drunk driving crash significantly increase compared to other Sundays? Many people go out to bars, restaurants or friends’ homes to watch the big game, and they often drink alcohol. Sometimes, they drink too much. Due to drunk driving, Super Bowl Sunday has been considered one of the year’s most dangerous days to drive on the roads.

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) campaign, “Fans Don’t Let Fans Drive Drunk,” urges people to make plans ahead of time that will prevent them from drunk driving this Sunday.

Budweiser even has a Super Bowl commercial against drunk driving this year. The commercial features Helen Mirren, an English movie star, saying what she thinks of drunk drivers. In the commercial, she says, “If you drive drunk, you, simply put, are a short sighted, utterly useless, oxygen wasting, human form of pollution. A Darwin-award deserving, selfish coward. If your brain was donated to science, science would return it. So stop it.” She goes on to say, “Your friends and family thank you, the friends and family of other drivers thank you, your future self thanks you.”

This commercial is not a typical Super Bowl commercial which tug at your heart strings or makes you laugh. It is a commercial addressing a serious problem. It certainly got our attention, and we hope that it strikes a chord with the viewers this Sunday.

PA Drunk Driving Accident Consequences

Drunk driving in Philadelphia and other parts of PA results in serious consequences. Innocent victims may be seriously injured, and lives may even be lost. Drunk drivers may face criminal charges as well as civil consequences. Injured victims may file civil lawsuits against drunk drivers to financially recover for their injuries and damages.

If you are drinking this Super Bowl Sunday, make sure you have a designated driver. If you don’t have a designated driver, take a taxi or Uber to your destination and back. This way, you don’t even have the option to get behind the wheel after the game is over.

Help After a Pennsylvania Drunk Driving Accident

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