Petition to Open a 2 Year Window for Child Sex Abuse Victims in Pennsylvania


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January 24, 2014

Pennsylvania state representative, Mark Rozzi, has initiated a petition at to open a special 2 year window to provide child sex abuse victims, whose cases were previously time-barred, with the opportunity to seek justice. Please click the link below to sign this important petition.

PA’s Current Statute of Limitations for Civil Child Sex Abuse Cases is Too Short

Current PA law gives child sex abuse victims until their 30th birthday to seek justice in the civil courts. This is simply not enough time. Due to the horrific, long-lasting effects of child sex abuse, it often takes years, if not decades, for victims to be able to come to terms with the abuse.

Opening a window gives child sex abuse victims the opportunity to seek justice against the people who abused them and others who actively concealed the abuse or wrongfully failed to stop it. Other states, such as Delaware and Minnesota, have already opened similar windows.

These two year windows have an important long-term effect – pedophiles and child predators who previously “got away with it” because the statute of limitations had expired, can suddenly be held liable and accountable, and subsequently prevented from hurting other children.

Please sign this petition.