Pennsylvania Work Accidents & Injury Statistics, An Analysis


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Part 2 of this article analyzes the specific industries in Pennsylvania which yield the highest worker accident/injury rates. Click here to see a chart of the statistical data in part 1 of this article.

Pennsylvania’s Top 5 Most Dangerous Industries

In PA, the top five industries with the highest injury rates are:

  • Transportation/Warehousing,
  • Health Care/Social Assistance,
  • Manufacturing,
  • Construction, and
  • Wholesale Trade.

The transportation/warehousing industry is comprised of trucking, transit, couriers, and warehousing/storage. Common work accidents in this industry include truck accidents, power industrial (forklift) accidents, and other industrial accidents.

The healthcare/social assistance industry is comprised of ambulatory health services (doctor’s offices), hospitals, nursing homes, and social services. Nursing homes and hospitals have the highest rates of work accidents/injuries, at 9.6 and 7.1 respectively. A common source of injury is overuse from repetitive motions.

The manufacturing industry is comprised of food, wood, paper, printing, metal, and machinery manufacturing. Common sources of injury in the manufacturing industry include factory/machinery accidents.

The construction industry includes both residential and non-residential construction as well as heavy construction (roadway and bridge construction). The injury rate for non-residential construction is slightly higher than for residential construction, 6.3 versus 4.5, respectively. Common types of construction accidents include workplace falls and forklift accidents.

The wholesale trade industry includes different types of sub-industries, such as:

  • merchants (auto; lumber, commercial equipment, machinery);
  • wholesalers (grocery/petroleum); and
  • retail (furniture, food, building materials, gas, goods, etc.).

Like with the transportation/warehousing, manufacturing and construction industries, common types of accidents in the wholesale trade industry include falls, forklift accidents, and factory accidents.

Financial Recovery in a Pennsylvania Work Accident Case

Under Pennsylvania law, injured workers may make workers’ compensation claims and in certain situations, special claims called “third party liability” claims. These claims may be made against parties, other than the employer, whose negligence caused the accident. Many injured workers make the mistake of only filing a workers’ compensation claim and never seeking legal advice as to whether there are other claims available.

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