Pennsylvania Work Accidents & Injuries, by Industry


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According to the most recent data available from the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry, (DOLI), in 2012, there were 85,117 work injury and illness cases which involved lost time from work. This is slightly higher (2.4%) than the 83,144 cases reported in 2011. Read more about work accidents in Pennsylvania.

Despite the increase from 2011 to 2012, in general, work accidents and injuries in Pennsylvania have been decreasing over the last few years. This is a minor victory, considering that the recent economic downturn has resulted in budget cuts across many work and labor related government agencies.

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Pennsylvania Work Accidents -Total Work Injury Data (2009-2012)

On average, over 85,000 work injury and illness cases are reported each year in Pennsylvania. Data from 2009 through 2012 shows that the total number of work injury cases has mostly decreased.

Year Total Number of Work Injury Cases
2009 88,973
2010 85,560
2011 83,144
2012 85,117
Average 85,699

Data source: PA DOLI

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Pennsylvania Work Accidents – Fatal Accidents (2009-2012)

Each year, over 100 workers in Pennsylvania die due to work related accidents, injuries and illnesses. Unlike the annual number of work injury cases, the annual number of fatal work accidents tends to fluctuate. In 2008, there was a peak of fatal work accidents (154).

Year Total Number of Fatal Work Injury Cases
2009 100
2010 111
2011 110
2012 101
Average 106

Data source: PA DOLI

Top 3 Most Dangerous Industries in Pennsylvania

Below are the top three most dangerous industries in Pennsylvania. While this data clearly shows that the manufacturing and construction industries are dangerous, data from the PA DOLI shows that the education and health services industry consistently tops the list in terms of total number of work accidents. Click here to see data related to work accidents and injuries in Pennsylvania’s education and health care industry.

Industry Number of Cases
(per every 100 full-time workers)
Education & Health Services 5.5
Manufacturing 5.0
Construction 4.7

Data source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Incidence rates of nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses, 2012

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