Pennsylvania Store Fall Accident Lawsuit Info – PA Juries Award $6 Million in 2 Fall Accident Lawsuits in 2017

2017 PA Fall Accident Lawsuit Update: $6 Million in 2 Pennsylvania fall accident lawsuits in York County and Allegheny County. One man was blinded after falling on a single stop and striking his face on a chair, and another person developed a permanent limp after slipping on a wet floor.

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York County, PA Jury Awards $4 Million to Man Blinded in Step Accident at Shopping Center (March 2017)

An elderly Pennsylvania man was awarded $4 million in a fall accident case in York County. The case involved a single step near the entrance of a store in a small shopping center. The plaintiff fell while walking on the step and struck his face on a nearby chair. He alleged that the injuries caused him to become blind. The lawsuit was filed against the owner of the shopping center.

The $4 million verdict was reached earlier this year after the Pennsylvania Superior Court reversed a trial court order which effectively dismissed the case in favor of the defendants. In 2016, the Pennsylvania appeals court found that the trial court erred in granting summary judgment to the defendant. Even though the plaintiff could not identify what caused him to fall, the court held that the evidence was sufficient and showed that the plaintiff fell or tripped over a single step.

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Pittsburgh, PA Jury Awards $2 Million in Store Slip & Fall Accident Case (March 2017)

An Allegheny County jury awarded over $2 million to a woman after she slipped on a freshly mopped area of a large retail store in Pittsburgh. The slip caused a significant hamstring injury that resulted in surgery, nursing care and physical therapy. Due to scar tissue, the plaintiff developed a limp.

At the trial, plaintiff alleged that the store’s employees directed her around an area that had recently been mopped due to a spill. The spill zone had been cordoned off with warning cones. However, unbeknownst to the plaintiff, the area the employees directed her to was also wet. That area had been mopped, but it had not been designated or marked with any cones. She slipped on the wet floor, causing her to do a full split, which resulted in a complete tear of her hamstring.

These recent cases highlight the pros of taking a fall accident case to trial. Oftentimes, testimony of eyewitnesses and/or the store’s own employees can be very helpful in proving the plaintiff’s case. Get more info about Pennsylvania fall accident law.

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