I slipped and fell at a gas station in Pennsylvania and was injured. I was contacted by an insurance company. What should I do?


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A: Insurance companies which represent businesses often contact the injured party to obtain a recorded statement and get as much information as it can to discredit the injured party. Under no circumstances should you speak to an insurance company adjuster or investigator who works for the business where you fell, until AFTER you speak to a lawyer. You have no obligation to cooperate with the insurance company for the business where you fell.

Personal injury or slip and fall lawyers will usually evaluate a potential slip and fall or trip and fall case for free.  Most such lawyers work on contingency, meaning they receive their fees from your settlement. However, be weary of any lawyer who pressures you to sign a contract or fee agreement. You should always have time to review a fee agreement on your own time, without the lawyer asking you to sign it on the spot. In addition, even if you sign up with a lawyer you subsequently do not want to retain, you should be able to fire your lawyer and find another one.

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Published: September 24, 2012