Pennsylvania Child Sex Abuse in Schools and the Statute of Limitations


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Penn State’s Jerry Sandusky is now about to spend the rest of his life in prison for the terrible acts of sex abuse he perpetrated on innocent boys. For some of his victims, the conviction may have brought a sense of justice.

For many child sex abuse victims, a criminal conviction often provides some closure. However, the reality is that for many victims of sex abuse, whether in colleges, like Penn State, or in elementary, middle or high schools, justice is not possible because of the statute of limitations.

Pennsylvania Statute of Limitations in Criminal & Civil Child Sex Abuse Cases

In Pennsylvania, a victim has until the age of 50 to file criminal charges against an abuser. For civil cases, the statute of limitations usually expires on the victim’s 30th birthday. The unfortunate reality is that victims of child sex abuse, like the kind that occurs in schools, have an incredibly difficult time facing the abuse. It can take decades to process the abuse. By the time the victim has faced the abuse, Pennsylvania’s statute of limitations in criminal or civil cases may bar the claim.

Any child sex abuse case involving a school employee should be evaluated by a child sex abuse lawyer who specializes in cases against schools. The statute of limitations is a key issue which requires careful analysis by a lawyer familiar with the nuances of Pennsylvania’s statute of limitations in child sex abuse cases.

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Published: August 4, 2012