Common Injuries in a Philadelphia Slip and Fall Accident

A top rated Philadelphia personal injury lawyer discusses common injuries victims sustain after slip and fall accidents in PA. In addition, an injured individual’s legal right to recover financial compensation is also discussed.

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One of the top reasons for emergency room visits over the winter months in Pennsylvania is a slip and fall or trip and fall accident. Not surprisingly, many of these falls are related to snow or ice on the ground.   Slip and fall accidents in the winter months may result in serious injuries. Below are some of the common injuries individuals sustain in Philadelphia, PA slip and fall accidents.

Broken or Fractured Bones

Often, slip and fall accidents on ice result in broken bones. A pedestrian in Philadelphia may fracture her wrist when trying to break her fall with her wrist. Another pedestrian may fracture her ankle due to way she fell on the ice or fracture her hip after landing on the ice with her hip.

Back Injuries

A back injury from falling on ice can range from moderate to serious in its severity. An example of a moderate back injury is when an individual suffers soft tissue injury after a fall. For instance, the person may have muscle pain or spasms due to the slip and fall accident. The individual’s injury may improve after a round of physical therapy.

Others may suffer more serious injuries such as a herniated disc, which can be quite painful. If the herniated disc is pinching a nerve in the lower back, the injured individual can experience numbness down the legs. In serious cases, surgery may be required.

Head Injuries

Sometimes, a fall on ice may result in a head injury. Some may suffer concussions, while others may have a mild traumatic brain injury. If an individual is walking down an icy flight of steps, he may fall and hit his head on the steps. Even if the individual doesn’t lose consciousness, he may still suffer a concussion. From a cognitive standpoint, concussions can cause major symptoms, some of which may be permanent.

Financial Recovery After a Slip and Fall Accident on Ice in Philadelphia

Individuals who suffer injuries after a slip and fall accident on ice or snow may recover financial compensation from the responsible parties. If an accident happened on an icy sidewalk in front of a home in the suburbs of Philadelphia or in front of a store in Center City Philadelphia, the home owner or store owner may be responsible for the pedestrian’s injuries and damages.

Per PA slip and fall accident law, a property owner (residential or commercial) has a duty to keep the sidewalk abutting his property free of unreasonably dangerous conditions, such as ice or snow. However, there are other legal elements an injured pedestrian must prove in order to recover from the responsible parties, such as notice. See Apartment Complex Landlords & Liability for Snow/Ice Accidents.

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