PA Defective Product Accident Law – Manufacturing Defects in Nail Guns


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Nail gun accidents account for nearly 40,000 ER visits a year. This is due in large part to increased accessibility and the relative low cost of nail guns. Each year, more and more do it yourself homeowners are buying and using nail guns. Therefore, more and more people are injured in nail gun accidents each year.

Dangerous Products in Our Modern World

The reality is that as consumers, we place our trust in the corporations which design, manufacture and sell us products. Especially when dangerous products such as power tools are involved, that trust can lead to catastrophic and often fatal results.

Corporations have one purpose, to make a profit. This often means that corporations will engage in conduct designed to increase profits, such as, downplaying the dangers of a product. In addition, due to our global economy, corporations obtain parts and component parts from the lowest bidder, many of which are overseas. This type of conduct has far-reaching and dangerous ramifications for the end user, the consumer.

Defective Product Claims in PA & NJ

When a product, like a nail gun, causes injury, the laws of Pennsylvania and New Jersey allow the injured individual to bring what is called a “product liability” claim against the manufacturer, distributor, retailer, etc.

The basis of products liability claims vary and generally include: defective design, manufacturing defect and failure to warn. In a given nail gun accident case, any one or all of these claims may be at issue. This article will discuss manufacturing defects and nail guns. Read more about claims made in nail gun accident cases.

What is a Manufacturing Defect?

Manufacturing defects exist when something goes wrong when the product is made. Out of 10,000 products manufactured in a certain period, 1 may suffer a manufacturing defect. Also, when machinery on an assembly line is not functioning properly, an entire lot of products may be defective.

Nail guns may contain these types of manufacturing defects, which can lead an end user, such as a homeowner, to suffer major injury when the nail gun misfires.

For example, the firm recently handled two nail gun manufacturing defect cases this past year. Two clients, in separate instances, suffered the same injury – nail gun discharged sideways, hitting them in the eye. The firm argued that the nail guns in these separate cases constituted a manufacturing defect. Both cases settled before trial for about $1,000,000 each. Read more about these nail gun defect cases.


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