Recent New Jersey Construction Site Fatalities (Forklift Accident & Roof Fall Accident) – By a NJ Work Injury Lawyer

Construction site accidents happen all the time. Our NJ work injury lawyer, Jeff Laffey, discusses 2 recent fatalities at NJ construction sites due to a forklift accident and a roof fall accident.

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According to OSHA, 4,679 workers died on the job in 2014 across the United States. The sad part is that many of these work place accidents were preventable. Many workers, including those in New Jersey, suffer fatal injuries because worksites or construction sites are unsafe.

There have been 2 recent construction accidents that led to 2 worker fatalities in New Jersey.

NJ Construction Worker Died After Falling from a Roof in Newark

On October 2, 2015, a NJ worker died as a result of a fall accident at a construction site in Newark. He was killed after falling from a roof. OSHA is investigating the fatal roof fall accident.

One of the top 4 causes of worker fatalities is fall accidents. Therefore, the risk of fall accidents must be treated seriously and appropriately. Workers need to have proper fall protection to prevent falls from heights. In addition, they must be properly trained on the use of fall protection equipment.

NJ Construction Site Fall Accident Case Result – $12 million recovery for a union roofer who fell from a roof. See more case results by our work injury lawyers.

NJ Construction Worker Struck and Killed by a Forklift in Newark

On October 3, 2015, a worker at a Newark construction site in New Jersey was struck and killed by a forklift. The worker was from Clifton, New Jersey and was working at TNT International, in Port Newark. He was apparently crushed by the forklift. OSHA started its investigation and there have not been any updates so far.

NJ Construction Worker Run Over by a Forklift

Also in the same a month, another NJ worker was also involved in a forklift accident. Fortunately, the man survived the accident, but he is in critical condition. The 24 year man was working on a construction site in Vineland, NJ when a forklift backed over him. A co-worker was backing up a forklift, and his view was obstructed resulting in the forklift accident.

These two forklift accidents highlight the fact that forklifts are one of the most dangerous pieces of equipment at construction sites. When a worker is struck by a forklift, they often fall down and are crushed by the forklift. Even when NJ forklift accidents do not end in fatalities, workers are often permanently injured and may not be able to return to their jobs.

NJ Forklift Accident Case Result – $2.75 million recovery for a dock worker run over by a forklift at a cruise ship terminal.

What to Do After a NJ Forklift of Fall Accident at a Worksite

In general, injured construction workers in NJ cannot sue their employers for work-related accidents caused by employers’ negligence. However, there are very limited exceptions to the rule, such as when the employer committed an intentional wrong. It is crucial for injured workers in New Jersey to consult with an experienced work injury lawyer who can best evaluate whether an intentional wrong was committed.

Even if an injured worker cannot sue the employer, they may be able to obtain financial compensation by filing a work injury lawsuit against other parties at the site. Contractors, building owners and equipment manufacturers are often liable for causing forklift or fall accidents.

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