Nail Gun Accidents & Defective Products Lawsuits – Failure to Warn


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Nail gun accidents often lead to lawsuits. These products liability cases often involve claims that the manufacturer failed to provide adequate warnings regarding use and care of the nail gun.

Pennsylvania Defective Products Law – Failure to Warn in Nail Gun Accident Cases

Claims against nail gun manufacturers regarding inadequate warnings usually revolve around the product manual’s explanation of the dangers of the trigger mechanism. For nail guns with a contact trip mechanism, the nail gun manufacturer may fail to warn the user that the nail gun will fire when the trigger is pulled and then the gun is in contact with any surface, and vice versa – the nail gun will fire when in contact with any surface and the trigger is then pulled.

This kind of warning is very important, especially considering the rise in popularity of nail guns in the last 10 years among do-it-yourself homeowners.

Under Pennsylvania products liability law, a nail gun manufacturer can be held liable for failing to provide warnings/instructions of the risks associated with using the nail gun. Liability based on a failure to warn does not require proof of a defectively designed or manufactured product. In other words, the failure to warn claim is entirely separate from a defective design or defective manufacture claim.

In any nail gun accident case, multiple parties may be held liable, including:

  • nail gun manufacturers,
  • nail gun importers,
  • nail gun distributors, and
  • nail gun retainers.

It is important to discuss a potential case with a qualified products liability lawyer with experience handling nail gun cases.

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