My husband was shocked on a job in Pennsylvania. I’m told we need a workers’ compensation lawyer. What is the best kind of lawyer for the case?


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Answered by our Pennsylvania work accident-injury lawyers

Residents of Pennsylvania who are injured in work accidents have two main legal rights: 1. the right to file for workers’ compensation benefits, and 2. the right to seek financial compensation from other, non-employer parties. This applies to 95% of injured workers, including those injured in electric shock accidents at work.

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Workers’ Compensation is Not the Only Type of Claim Available

Workers’ compensation is often only one part of an injured worker’s claim. The reality is that most injured workers in Pennsylvania seek legal help from a “workers’ compensation lawyer,” someone who literally focuses entirely on handling the workers’ compensation claim. However, the problem with this is that a workers’ compensation lawyer might not have the experience to identify if there are other claims which may be made in the case. Therefore, it is best to speak to a workplace accident lawyer who is familiar with electric accidents. This is especially important because workers’ compensation benefits do not provide any type of compensation whatsoever for pain and suffering. Instead, the benefits are minimal, covering medical treatment and in cases of disability a portion of the injured worker’s weekly wages. Basically, the system is designed to get injured workers back to work as soon as possible.

Under Pennsylvania laws, workers injured on the job may make workers’ compensation claims in addition to tort or negligence lawsuits. In many electrical accident cases, multiple parties can be held liable, such as an electric company, a contractor or subcontractor. In addition, there may be product liability claims for defective products or parts which led to the accident. Injured workers can get monetary compensation for pain and suffering in these types of cases.

That’s why it’s important to have an experienced workplace accident lawyer who is familiar with electric shock accidents review the case. The majority of work injury lawyers offer free consultations. Therefore, it is advisable to get at least two consultations before deciding on who to hire.

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Last updated: February 17, 2015