Montgomery County, PA Camp Director Charged with Failing to Report Sexual Abuse of Camp Goer


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A Montgomery County, Pennsylvania camp director has been charged with failing to report a suspected case of sexual assault of a camp attendee. According to an online news article at (“Camp director charged with failing to report suspected abuse”), the camp director failed to notify police that a camp attendee had reported being sexually assaulted by two other camp attendees.

An anonymous tip to the Upper Perkiomen police department led to an investigation which showed that the alleged victim, a minor, reported that he was sexually assaulted by two other camp attendees, also minors. Camp counselors then reported this to the director who interviewed those involved. The camp director is alleged to have instructed another counselor to send the two alleged perpetrators on plane rides to their home states. No report was made to child protective services or law enforcement.

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Camp or Facility Civil Liability for Sexual Assaults in Pennsylvania

Whether the perpetrator is a camp counselor or another camp attendee, camp facilities and the businesses and companies which own, manage, and operate them may be civilly liable for a sexual assault which occurs on the camp premises.

When the perpetrator is a camp counselor, the camp may be liable for the following:

  • failing to perform sufficient background checks,
  • failing to investigate an allegation of sexual assault,
  • failing to train camp employees on the handling of sexual assault reports, and
  • failing to provide a safe camp/recreational environment.

When the perpetrator is a fellow camp attendee, in addition to liability for the above acts of negligence, the camp may also be liable for failing to warn camp attendees of known or reasonably suspected dangers including sexual abusive conduct and failing to properly supervise camp attendees.

Representation by a Former Prosecutor and Now Civil Sex Abuse Lawyer

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