Industrial, Factory & Machine Accidents

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Getting full compensation requires having the right lawyer, someone with the know-how to handle these cases. Not every lawyer has experience in handling complex machinery accident cases. These cases often require understanding sophisticated machinery. Oftentimes, the injured worker’s lawyer has to understand the mechanics better than anyone else, including companies which design and manufacture the machines.

Industrial, Factory &
Machine Accidents

Factory workers and those working in manual labor industries like the manufacturing industry face significant work related hazards. Machinery accidents and fall down accidents are probably two of the most common types of work accidents, and they often result in catastrophic injuries.

For instance, a factory worker in Pennsylvania who gets her arm caught in equipment may suffer an amputation injury. The financial consequences are often staggering, not to mention the devastating physical injuries and resulting pain and suffering.

PA & NJ Industrial/Factory Accident Cases

Industrial and factory accidents result in thousands of deaths each year and occur in a variety of industrial settings, including farming, manufacturing and construction. Within each industry, there are literally thousands of occupational hazards.

In the food production and manufacturing industry, workers are often injured in machinery accidents such as food sorters, packaging machines, etc. The reality is that oftentimes, companies put profits over the workers. Some companies engage in patterns of unsafe behavior to increase that bottom line. Earlier this year (2015), the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) cited a national furniture manufacturer for dozens of safety violations, many of which were repeat violations. Some companies authorize disabling safety devices to speed up production.

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Machine Accidents in Factories

Machine accidents are very common in factories across the U.S., especially in the manufacturing industry. Steel, paper, food, plastics and electronic manufacturing workers face serious work hazards. One of the most serious dangers comes from machine accidents due to improper lockout tagout procedures. Lockout tagout procedures are designed to protect workers from unexpected start ups during servicing or maintenance of equipment or machinery.

OSHA regulates lockout tagout procedures. However, manufacturing companies are notorious for violating OSHA regulations. Oftentimes, productivity is valued over work safety. When it comes to servicing a piece of equipment on the assembly line, managers often disregard safety considerations which can slow down production. Workers are sometimes instructed to ignore critical lockout tagout procedures. Doing so can result in catastrophic injuries.

For instance, a line worker at a food production company is tasked with clearing a jam. He is under pressure to clear the jam as quickly as possible and knows that his manager will be counting the time lost in production. The manager has made it clear in the past that lockout tagout procedures are unnecessary and time consuming to follow. The worker does not follow lockout tagout procedures and is critically injured when his hand gets stuck in the machine.

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Other Types of Industrial Accidents

On construction sites, workers are often injured in accidents involving heavy equipment such as forklifts or cranes. Other common types of industrial accidents involve:

Slip and fall accidents can and do result in serious injuries. Workers who suffer slip and fall accidents at work should speak to a work accident lawyer as soon as possible to discuss the viability of a lawsuit to recover pain and suffering damages.

In addition, industrial accidents often involve product defect claims. Products such as drills, conveyors, saws, hammers, presses, machines, mowers, etc., are often used in multiple industries. Defectively designed products or products with manufacturing defects can result in major injuries, such as amputations or loss of a limb. As a result, product manufacturing companies and retailers may be liable in a products liability (defective product injury) lawsuit.

Compensation Above Workers’ Compensation in Industrial, Factory and Machine Accident Cases

Workers injured in Pennsylvania or New Jersey industrial or factor accidents are often misinformed about their legal rights. Many believe that workers’ compensation is their only legal remedy. That is not always true.

In fact, many injured workers may be able to obtain financial compensation over and above workers’ compensation by filing lawsuits against other parties. The potential liable parties often include not only the employer, but also, contractors and subcontractors. In addition, equipment service/maintenance companies may be liable, or there may be a product liability claim for defective design of machinery.

A recent report from OSHA reveals that in the 10 years following a work injury, an injured worker earns roughly 15% less. This is often due to restrictions or modifications of work duties following a work injury. Some workers will have to take different jobs altogether. Therefore, these types of cases are crucial because they help injured workers and their families survive the aftermath of a serious work injury/accident.

Unfortunately, most injured workers only make workers’ compensation claims and never seek expert advice as to whether there are other claims to be made. Therefore, it is vital to speak to an experienced Pennsylvania and New Jersey industrial accident lawyer as soon as possible to determine liability of others.

Pennsylvania and New Jersey Industrial & Factory Accident Lawyers

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Because construction sites are busy places, multiple parties may be held liable for a construction accident injury. Injured workers have the legal right to seek compensation for negligence committed by general contractors, subcontractors, owners, architects, etc.

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