Logging Accidents – Bi-Products of a Dangerous Industry


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Logging is one of the most dangerous industries in the country. Whether felling trees to processing timber, loggers put their lives on the line each day. Due to the nature of the work, logging involves large trees, heavy equipment and tough conditions. Also, because logging sites tend to be located in remote areas, getting prompt medical attention can be difficult.

According to OSHA, the majority of logging accidents involve the following activities:

  • felling,
  • limbing,
  • choker setting,
  • bucking, and
  • skidding.

In addition, chain saw accidents and slip and fall accidents account for a high number of accidents. Given the dangerous inherent in the logging industry, accident prevention is crucial. Logging accidents can be prevented by properly training employees and adopting and enforcing safety procedures and protocols, including OSHA regulations.

Depending on the facts of a given case, loggers who are seriously injured in accidents may be able to bring negligence lawsuits against the parties responsible. While employers are generally protected from being sued from negligence, other parties may be liable, such as a product manufacturer. For example, there may be a defective products case against a chainsaw manufacturer, or a negligence claim against a company which negligently maintained or serviced a piece of equipment.

It is vital to have a serious injury logging accident case evaluated immediately to determine liability of other parties. For a free assessment and consultation, contact our PA & NJ logging accident lawyers. Our lawyers welcome calls from local counsel regarding potential negligence claims in logging accidents which occur in other states.

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