Lawsuits for Alcohol Related Injuries at New Jersey Shore Bars & Clubs


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Bars & Nightclubs at the New Jersey Shore

It’s summertime, and this means droves of young people will be hanging out at various beach towns at the New Jersey Shore. Point Pleasant, Wildwood and Seaside Heights are popular with young crowds who come from in state and out of state. Residents of Pennsylvania, New York and Delaware are drawn to the New Jersey’s beaches and nightlife.

For the majority of Jersey Shore vacationers who frequent Jersey Shore’s clubs and bars, there will never be a need to think about a lawsuit for physical injuries. However, the reality is that alcohol related accidents like DUI auto accidents, bar fights and other incidents involving alcohol can and do occur, sometimes with disastrous consequences. When alcohol related accidents and injuries do occur, injured individuals are often left wondering if they have legal recourse. Oftentimes, they do.

Some bars and clubs at the New Jersey Shore are notorious for pouring drinks on the heavy side and for their rowdy crowds. These two factors contribute to the majority of alcohol related injuries at the New Jersey Shore. Below is a discussion of three common scenarios involving liability for an alcohol injury at the New Jersey Shore.

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Bar Fights

A bar or club may be liable when a customer is injured in a bar fight. The key in these cases is foreseeability or whether the bar could have reasonably anticipated that a fight would occur. There are a variety of factors to consider, such as conduct prior to the fight, prior complaints, crowd control, security guard presence, etc.

DUI Auto Accident

A bar, restaurant or club may be liable when a customer is served in violation of the New Jersey Dram Shop Act (AKA: New Jersey Licensed Alcoholic Beverage Server Fair Liability Act) and that customer injures themselves or another person in a DUI auto accident. Under the dram shop act, liability attaches when an employee of a bar, restaurant or club serves a minor or serves alcohol to someone who is visibly intoxicated.

Other Incidents

A bar, restaurant or club may also be liable for other incidents such as sexual assaults or other incidents and mishaps where it can be proved that serving alcohol directly led to an injury. For instance, an individual is served alcohol to the point of being unable to stand, falls and injures themselves or others, or a minor gets into a bar and is served several shots of liquor and several beers. The drunk minor leaves the bar, goes into the ocean and drowns. Because the bar served a minor, it is very likely the bar would be liable for the drowning.

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