Laura Nowicki Interviewed to Raise Awareness About the Bucks County Children’s Advocacy Center


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Child sex abuse lawyer and advocate, Laura Nowicki, is passionate about protecting children who are victims of abuse. She proudly volunteers with the Friends of the Bucks County Children’s Advocacy Center Committee. The Bucks County Children’s Advocacy Center is a non-profit organization which applies a team-centered approach to investigating claims of child sexual abuse.

Children who are victims of sexual abuse often face repeated interviews with police officers, prosecutors, social workers, etc. The Bucks County Children’s Advocacy Center aims to cease extra interviews by having the child interviewed by a forensic interviewer, in a child-friendly atmosphere. In another room, members of law enforcement, the local prosecutor’s office, and children/youth protective services watch via video. This unique approach alleviates much of the mental stress that repeated interviews can cause for children.

Earlier this year, Ms. Nowicki was interviewed about her work with the Friends of the CAC (Children’s Advocacy Center) Committee. The Committee advocates on behalf of the organization, increasing awareness about the CAC as well as organizing fundraising events to keep CAC’s doors open. Visit for more information.

Watch the video below, or you can click here. The video was posted by the Network of Victim Assistance of Bucks County.

About Pennsylvania & New Jersey Child Sex Abuse Lawyer and Advocate, Laura Nowicki

Ms. Nowicki has been involved with children’s organizations for nearly a decade. As native of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Ms. Nowicki sought to use her legal degree to benefit children in the area. She became involved with the Bucks County Children’s Advocacy Center in 2012 and deeply cares about the health and welfare of children.

“The CAC is so important for the well-being and healing of children who are victims of abuse as it’s a location that not only interviews with the child’s interest in the forefront, but also refers children to the appropriate treatment so they can get the help they need, whether it be medical or counseling..” – Laura Nowicki, child sex abuse lawyer and advocate

Since 2009, Ms. Nowicki has been a court appointed special advocate (CASA) in Burlington County, New Jersey. In her capacity as a CASA, she advocates for the needs and best interest of children in foster care.