Kentucky Forklift Accident Injuries: 2015 Has Been a Rough Year So Far


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One of Kentucky’s top industries is the manufacturing industry. Forklifts are used in all aspects of manufacturing, from production to transportation. That’s why there are so many forklift accidents in Kentucky each year; many of them are fatal.

Forklift accidents are often fatal because workers are usually struck by forklifts or otherwise get trapped underneath. Given the weight of a forklift, a worker who gets struck or run over is likely to suffer fatal injuries. Crush injuries are very common. Workers who are lucky to survive often suffer life-altering injuries. Many are unable to return to work.

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Given the severity of forklift accident injuries, injured workers and their families often suffer severe financial strain. Ensuring financial recovery through workers’ compensation claims and other tort claims is crucial. What most workers don’t know is that they may have valid tort claims against non-employer parties, such as forklift operating companies, maintenance companies, etc. In addition, in some instances, forklift manufacturers or distributors may be liable for a defective condition. This is known as a products liability case. Get more info about forklift accident law by visiting our Forklift Accident Law Library.

Forklift Operators – Most Often at Risk

Forklift operators or drivers are most often at risk of being injured or killed in forklift accidents. Even though forklifts operate very slowly, they are incredibly dangerous. The low speed of operation may give workers a false sense of security. Many believe they can get into or out of a forklift while it is moving. This is how many forklift accident fatalities occur. Oftentimes, a forklift operator steps off of a running forklift to perform work or falls off a forklift during a maneuver. Below are some recent examples of these situations.

Laurel County, KY Worker Injured in Forklift Accident at Cookie Factory (September 2015)

A cookie factory worker was injured in a forklift accident when he became trapped between a forklift and a wall. The worker was operating the forklift when he stepped off the forklift to perform work. When he attempted to get back on the forklift, it rolled towards him, trapping him against the wall.

Kentucky Man Killed in Forklift Run Over Accident (June 2015)

A McCracken County resident died after he was run over by a forklift. According to a local news report, the individual was operating a forklift when he was somehow caught underneath the forklift and run over. It’s unclear what caused the accident and whether it was work related.

Forklift accidents in the workplace are one of the most deadly types of work accidents. Unfortunately, they are almost always preventable. Proper forklift operator training is crucial to prevention. This includes initial training and refresher training. Get more info about forklift training and OSHA regulations.

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