Jury Trials in Accident & Injury Lawsuits


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Every lawyer in this office is a trial lawyer, a litigator who meticulously prepares clients’ cases for trial with the goal of delivering the ultimate end product – a victory for the clients. Increasingly, jury trials especially in accident and injury cases are important. Succeeding in an accident and injury case often means not willing to back down and taking a case to its natural conclusion – a jury trial. The beauty of a jury trial is that in a group setting, regular, every day citizens pool their experience and knowledge to reach a fair verdict. That process is one of the most unique aspects of the American justice system.

The Life of an Accident & Injury Lawsuit

An ordinary accident and injury case begins with the negligence of a person or company. For example, a person may be negligent in causing a car accident, or a company or business like a grocery store may be negligent in maintaining its premises, resulting in a fall down accident. As a result of that negligence, an innocent person is seriously injured. The insurance company for the person who caused the accident or the grocery store refuses to negotiate and pay for the financial losses and pain and suffering caused by the accident. A lawsuit then becomes necessary to enforce the injured person’s legal rights.

After a lawsuit is instituted, the discovery process begins. This is where the parties exchange documents and evidence related to the case. Witnesses and parties will be deposed. Eventually, experts may be asked to render opinions about issues related to the case. For example, a medical expert may be asked to answer the question as to whether a specific injury was caused by the accident or an accident reconstruction expert may give an opinion as to how fast the cars were driving at the time of impact, etc.

The discovery phase is important for many reasons. Not only does each side get to see the opposing party’s evidence, the discovery phase is an opportunity for each side to assess the strength of their opponent’s case. Read about what you can expect in a slip and fall accident/injury lawsuit in the Philadelphia court system.

In addition, during the discovery phase, especially for the injured person’s case, a theory of the case is developed – how the accident occurred, how it affected the person’s life, and what should be done about it. The goal is to present a strong, cohesive theory of the case to a jury, people who will be able to look at the case objectively and ultimately, decide the case in favor of the client.

A jury trial is the opportunity to give the client the justice they deserve. While of course, a jury trial is a gamble and involves risk, it absolutely necessary. In some instances, cases may settle, but a jury trial is the ultimate end goal. In Pennsylvania, courts require at least one official settlement conference. Most cases never settle at these conferences. The settlement conference really is an opportunity to gauge how the opposing side’s attorney views the case. Just before trial begins, the court may attempt to help the parties to settle, but at that point, depending on the circumstances, the injured person may be better off presenting the case to a jury. Pre-trial settlement depends on the reasonableness of the opposing side’s offer and is ultimately the decision of the parties, not the lawyers.

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