Is my Pennsylvania slip and fall case worth pursuing?


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A: The value of slip and fall cases in Pennsylvania depends on two main factors: strength of the evidence showing negligence of the owner and extent of damages.

Showing that the store or business owner was negligent is necessary; and the better the evidence, the better the case. For example, in a trip and fall case caused by a broken sidewalk, strong evidence of negligence would be a report of another person who fell in exactly the same way as the plaintiff and that other person reported the injury to the owner. Each case varies, but again, the stronger the evidence, the better the case. Click here to read about Pennsylvania slip and fall cases involving businesses or stores.

With respect to extent of damages, it is ultimately the injured person’s choice whether to bring a lawsuit or not. However, some cases might not be worth pursuing. For example, a very minor injury which lasts a month or two with no long term issues might not be worth the time, energy and hassle of bringing a lawsuit. On the other hand, a slip and fall case which leads to a fractured arm and surgery can and should be pursued.

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