Power Tool Accidents

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Power Tool Accident Lawsuits

In the last 20 years, there has been an increase in the number of power tool or workshop accidents and injuries, mostly due to a rise in the number of “do-it-yourself” homeowners who perform home renovations. Power tool accidents send an estimated 400,000 people to the emergency room per year. We are here to help. Call us so that we an evaluate whether you have a potential lawsuit. 

The most common types of power tools involved in accidents are:

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Pennsylvania and New Jersey Law

Under Pennsylvania and New Jersey laws, companies which design, manufacture, sell, service and/or rent power tools may be liable for:

Pennsylvania and New Jersey law is clear: all products must be reasonably fit for their intended uses. Any company who puts a product in the stream of commerce is held to this standard. In power tool accidents, there may be a product liability or negligent repair claim against any of the following:

It is vital to speak to us. We are experienced Pennsylvania and New Jersey product liability lawyers as soon as possible to determine what we can do for you. You may be entitled to compensation for past and future: pain and suffering, wage loss, medical bills/treatment and more.

"Most power tools pose inherent risks of harm to users, but many accidents are truly caused by product defects. We can help. Our attorneys have the experience and skill necessary to fight for you."

Frequently Asked Questions

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Because construction sites are busy places, multiple parties may be held liable for a construction accident injury. Injured workers have the legal right to seek compensation for negligence committed by general contractors, subcontractors, owners, architects, etc.