Injured at Work – Who pays medical bills after a work accident in PA?


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Workers’ Compensation Claims in PA

In most work accident cases, the injured worker will make a workers’ compensation claim. Medical bills, disability payments, etc. may be paid by the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company. It is important to note that there are eligibility requirements when making a workers’ compensation claim in PA.

Once a workers’ compensation claim is opened, the injured worker will be required to treat with medical treatment providers selected by the employer, at least for the first 90 days after the date of the first medical visit. After 90 days, the injured worker can treat with medical providers of their own choosing. Read more about medical treatment and Pennsylvania workers’ compensation claims.

Other Claims in Work Accident Cases in PA

In some work accident cases, non-employer parties may be held liable for negligence which led to the accident. This kind of negligence claim would be in addition to any workers’ compensation claim. In other words, the injured employer may be able to make both types of claims. This applies to all types of work accidents, such as:

  • construction/worksite accidents,
  • factory accidents,
  • warehouse accidents, and
  • office accidents.

For instance, a construction worker who trips at a construction site may have a valid claim against another contractor present at the site, or an office worker who falls down stairs at work may have a valid claim against a property management company. In these kinds of cases, the injured worker may be able to obtain financial compensation for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.

Every work accident case is unique and therefore, it is crucial to have a work accident case evaluated by an experienced work accident lawyer.

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Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Accident Lawyer

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