I was injured in a tool accident at work. What are my rights?


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Tool accidents at work are very common and almost always result in serious injury. Workers often make the mistake of filing a workers’ compensation claim and never seeking an opinion as to whether additional parties may be held liable. This is especially important in cases where a worker is unable to return to work or is otherwise disabled from working full time due to the injuries.

In many power tool accident cases, there will be viable claims against non-employer parties. The three most common claims in a power tool accident case include:

  • products liability case against the tool manufacturer,
  • negligence case against a worksite contractor or general contractor,
  • negligence case against a tool maintenance/rental company.

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However, the success of these types of claims often depends on having the case evaluated immediately by a power tool and work accident lawyer. Proceeding with a power tool claim against a tool manufacturer will be very difficult if the tool involved in the accident was not preserved.

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