I was hurt in my office building in a fall accident. Do I have any rights?


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A: Workers injured in on the job accidents in PA or NJ will usually be able to make workers’ compensation claims to recover for medical bills and any disability caused by the accident. However, it is important that any work accident case be discussed with a work accident lawyer as soon as possible, as there are certain deadlines to report work related accidents and injuries to an employer.

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Despite the fact that employers in PA and NJ are not generally allowed to be sued in run of the mill work accident situations, other parties may be held liable for negligence. In office building fall accident situations, the building management company or a cleaning crew may be liable. If say, a contractor who was hired to remodel the office committed negligence, that contractor may be liable for the accident. These kinds of cases are known as “third party liability” cases. Plaintiffs (injured workers) in these matters may be able to recover fair compensation for physical and emotional injuries as well as lost wages and medical bills.

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Pennsylvania & New Jersey Fall at Work Accident Lawyers

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