I slipped and fell at a store in Philadelphia. Should I file a claim?


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The answer really depends on the facts and legal circumstances of the case. Whether a given fall accident case is valid depends on two main factors: whether the damages are serious and whether there is evidence of liability.

If the damages are not serious (i.e., a bruise, slight sprain, etc.), then the case is probably not worth pursuing. That’s because you must weigh the cost of filing a suit against the time, energy and hassle of filing a suit. In addition, if there is weak or no evidence of liability, then the case is not likely to be successful. In any case, the plaintiff – the person bringing the lawsuit bears the burden of proving negligence or fault. That can only be done with sufficient evidence, such as:

  • the incident report,
  • pictures of the defect,
  • video surveillance,
  • eyewitness testimony, and
  • medical reports/evidence.

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Slip and fall cases are definitely tricky cases. There are many issues to consider in determining whether to move forward with a claim. You should consult with at least one accident lawyer before making a decision. These decisions are important, and like medical decisions, you can and should always seek a second opinion before deciding to move forward.

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