I rented a nail gun which misfired and hit my leg. Can I recover for my injuries?


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Answered by a defective product injury lawyer

Additional facts are needed in order to answer this question. Under either Pennsylvania or New Jersey law, someone who is injured by a defective nail gun can recover for their injuries so long as they are able to prove the following:

1. the nail gun was defective (or negligently maintained/serviced),
2. the defect caused the accident, and
3. damages resulted.

nail gun accident foot xrayThere may be a case against not only the rental company, but also any company which maintained or serviced the nail gun.

Common reasons for nail gun accidents include defective design/manufacture or insufficient warnings or labels. The key in these cases is having the nail gun examined and tested as soon as is practically possible after the accident. A mechanical engineer must test the product in order to determine why it misfired. That’s why it is important to speak to an experienced products liability lawyer, in order to have the nail gun tested by an expert to determine the nature of the defect.

Financial Compensation Claims in Nail Gun Accident Lawsuits

Most nail gun accident cases involve defective product injury claims or product liability claims. Under product liability laws, injured individuals may recover monetary compensation for pain and suffering as well as financial losses like medical bills and lost wages. Some nail gun accident injuries result in serious injuries like blindness. In these cases, pain and suffering is obviously great. Therefore, it’s important to present sufficient evidence of damages and how the injury and symptoms affect the individual’s ability to lead a normal life. This includes proving how the injury affects the person’s family life, work life, etc.

The lawyers at Laffey, Bucci & Kent handle defective products matters in the New Jersey and Pennsylvania areas and can also obtain special admission to handle matters in other states on a case by case basis.

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Last updated: May 21, 2015