I was hurt in a hit and run truck accident near Philadelphia. Can I make any claims for my injuries?


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Below are the two most common types of claims made in a hit and run car or truck accident case in Pennsylvania:

1. PIP/Personal Injury Protection Claim – Medical Bills & Lost Wages

Under Pennsylvania car and truck accident law, a driver injured in a hit and run accident case will be able to make a PIP claim with their own car insurance company. Depending on the type of coverage purchased, PIP covers medical bills and a small portion of lost wages. However, there are coverage limits. For instance, Pennsylvania car insurance law requires a minimum of $5,000 of PIP coverage on any car insurance policy issued in this state. For lost wage claims, there may be a waiting period. In addition, per the car insurance policy, only a certain percentage of wage loss may be covered, and up to a maximum amount.

In order to make a PIP claim, an injured driver must notify their car insurance company and fill out the necessary forms.

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2. UM/Uninsured Claim

Pennsylvania drivers who purchased this special coverage and are injured in hit and run accidents may be able to seek financial compensation, up to the amount purchased. This claim is made with the injured driver’s own car insurance company and is essentially a contractual claim, i.e., based on the car insurance policy. Coverage amounts vary between the state required minimum ($15,000) and $1,000,000 or more.

Medical bills which exceed the PIP coverage amounts, as well as lost wages which are not covered by PIP or another plan, may be included as part of the damages claim in a UM case. In addition, depending on the type of insurance policy (full tort versus limited tort) and the type of injuries, the injured driver may be able to make a claim for pain and suffering damages as part of the UM case.

Before taking any action with respect to a UM claim, it is important to discuss your case with a car-truck accident lawyer in Pennsylvania.


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