How to Find the Best Workplace Fall Accident Lawyer for Your PA or NJ Injury Case


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To ensure you find the best workplace fall accident lawyer for your Pennsylvania or New Jersey case, be sure to take the following tips into account.

  1. Experience is crucial. Make sure your workplace fall lawyer has handled your type of accident before. If not, find a lawyer who has handled at least a dozen workplace injury cases. An experienced workplace fall accident will know all of the ANSI and/or OSHA requirements applicable to your workplace fall accident and will know how to properly prepare your case for trial, including using the right experts.
  2. Reputation is key. Look for a trial lawyer – someone who’s not afraid to take a case to trial. Insurance companies take notice of those attorneys who take cases to trial and those who don’t. Again, reputation is key. You want the insurance company to know that you’re represented by a premier workplace injury trial lawyer with a satisfactory list of jury verdicts/awards. So be sure to do your homework and take a look at the lawyer’s track record.
  3. Look for testimonials/reviews from clients who were in similar accidents. The true measure of a lawyer’s ability is the number of former clients willing to give a testimonial. If the lawyer you’re considering can’t provide you with at least one person who would be happy to talk to you about their case and their experiences with that lawyer, find a lawyer who can.
  4. Ask the lawyer whether they have a policy on returning clients’ phone calls and answering clients’ questions. Lawyers who fail to return clients’ calls are always at risk of losing their clients.
  5. Shop around. Like with all important life decisions, getting a second opinion may give you peace of mind. Speak to at least two lawyers before making a decision. Be cautious of lawyers who pressure you to sign a contract. Likewise, be weary of any lawyer who tells you what your case is worth before they’ve even heard all the facts and seen all the evidence. A lawyer who will tell you how long your case will take and how much your case is worth before hearing all the details is like a medical doctor who makes a diagnosis without doing a full examination of the patient.
  6. Even if you’ve already hired a lawyer, you are not required or bound to keep them. Even though you signed a fee agreement or retainer agreement, you can always seek other opinions if for any reason, you’re not satisfied. Although you’re the client, you are also the boss.

Workplace fall accidents can cause serious injuries such as broken bones or head injuries with cognitive defects. These kinds of accidents can occur in many situations:

  • slip and fall or trip and falls,
  • falls from heights or roofs,
  • ceiling or roof cave-ins,
  • falls from ladders or
  • falls from equipment, like cranes, lifts, and forklifts.

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