How can I win my Pennsylvania slip and fall accident case?


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A: Winning a slip and fall accident case in Pennsylvania means proving that the business or home owner was negligent. Just having had a slip and fall or trip and fall accident does not prove the owner’s negligence. Instead, there must be some evidence, such as pictures, video, testimony, accident reports, etc. which point to notice, actual or constructive.

For example, in a slip and fall case due to water on the floor, there must be evidence of any of the following:

1. the owner actually knew of the water before the accident, i.e., the owner admitted that he or she knew about the water days before the accident (actual notice),

2. the owner was the one who created the water, i.e., a pipe negligently repaired by owner created the leak (actual notice), or

3. circumstantial evidence that the owner should have known about the water, i.e., the water was on the floor for days or weeks before the accident (constructive notice).

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Published: October 16, 2012