How Accidental Nail Gun Discharges Occur


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Nail guns increase efficiency for any construction project, whether it’s a residential homeowner who is using a nail gun for a light project or a major construction carpenter who is using a nail gun for a large commercial project. The downside is that nail guns are very dangerous tools capable of causing death and significant injury.

One of the main problems with nail guns is the type of trigger mechanism. One is clearly safer than the other. The sequential trigger is more dangerous than the contact trip trigger. However, both kinds are available on the market.

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Lack of nail gun safety training and education about proper use of nail guns are two main reasons why nail gun accidents occur, especially when contact trip trigger nail guns are used. In addition, messy work sites can lead to fall down accidents.

For example, a homeowner or construction site worker may be coming down a ladder and if the nail gun has a contract trip trigger, the nail gun could accidentally discharge. A worker may be carrying a nail gun and trip and fall, accidentally discharging a nail gun – an innocent bystander could be injured when an errant nail becomes lodged in the skull, causing brain damage.

In both of these instances, the worker or person using the nail gun probably did not receive adequate training about using the nail gun. Employers as well as nail gun retailers should be sure to provide proper warnings about nail gun safety and accidental misfire prevention training/information. Failing to do so could result in liability.

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