Can a hotel in Pennsylvania be liable for an accident in a hotel room?


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A: Generally, in a hotel accident case in Pennsylvania, liability is premised on a defective condition in a public area such as hotel lobby or walkway. However, a hotel can be held liable for an accident which occurs in a hotel room. Under Pennsylvania law, hotels can be held liable for negligence in acting unreasonably in the care and control of the entire hotel premises, including hotel rooms.

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Common kinds of negligent acts which can lead to hotel liability include:

  • inadequate security,
  • faulty door locking systems,
  • failure to maintain the rooms, or
  • leaks in the plumbing.

These are the kinds of issues which often lead to an accident and liability. For instance, inadequate security can lead to a hotel room being accessed by a criminal, or a leak in the plumbing of a hotel bathroom can lead to a slip and fall accident.

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