Hotel Accidents in Pennsylvania – What to Do If You’ve Suffered Injury at a Hotel in PA (Part 2)


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Part 1 of this article series detailed hotel liability in fall down accident cases. Below is part 2 of the article, which explains hotel liability for criminal activity and negligence in serving alcohol. Read these important tips on what to do if you’ve been injured due to criminal activity at a hotel, injured in a DUI car accident or injured by a drunk person.

Hotel Criminal Activity

Hotels can face liability for criminal activity on hotel property. The crux of these kinds of cases is failure to provide proper security. Especially in large cities like Philadelphia, with high crime rates, hotels must take reasonable steps to prevent any known or reasonably foreseeable criminal activity. This includes all hotel areas, such as elevators, bathrooms, hotel rooms and parking lot areas.

For example, a Philadelphia hotel has had a rash of criminal activity in the parking lot. What began as a rash of thefts has escalated into violent robberies. Instead of beefing up security, the hotel posts a single security camera near the parking lot elevator. A hotel guest is later raped, beaten and robbed in the hotel parking lot. In this example, the hotel would be liable for failing to take reasonable security measures, including things like posting security guards, increasing lighting, posting warning signs, etc.

TIP: If you are the victim of crime at a hotel, no matter how small, it is important to call BOTH the hotel and local police so that proper reports can be made. Criminals often start with lower end crimes, such as simple theft, like stealing a wallet out of a purse, before committing violent crimes like robbery.

When a guest reports a simple crime to hotel management, the hotel may attempt to discourage the guest from filing a police report. However, it is important that all crimes be reported to local law enforcement. This can help police identify and arrest criminals before violent crimes result.

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Hotel Negligence in Serving Alcohol

Hotel bars and restaurants are often operated by companies independent of the hotel, and can therefore be subject to liability for fall down accidents and negligent security, in addition to the hotel. Hotel bars and restaurants can also be liable for negligence in serving alcohol. Whether it is a hotel guest or not, hotel bars and restaurants are required to abide by state alcohol service laws, or what are called “dram shop laws.”

If a hotel bar or restaurant serves alcohol to someone who is already visibly intoxicated or serves alcohol to a minor, it may be liable in a subsequent DUI/DWI car accident or any other type of incident which occurs due to intoxication, such as a fight.

For example, a hotel bar serves alcohol to a minor who later gets into a DUI accident and injures himself, his passenger and the driver of another car. Absent other legal issues, the hotel would be liable to the minor, the passenger and the driver of the other car.

TIP: It is important in any alcohol liability case for the injured individual to speak to a lawyer immediately to begin investigating the viability of a case against a bar or restaurant, including a hotel bar or restaurant.

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