Health Centers in Chicago

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This page reviewing some of the top health center is presented by Laffey, Bucci & Kent’s sexual abuse lawyers in Chicago.

Chicago’s healthcare sector has been affected by the disparity and cost challenges that have been encountered by other similarly large urban cities throughout the state of Illinois as well as the country. Nevertheless, there still remain some internationally-renowned health centers that are worthy of featuring and mentioning. We recap some of these below.

The Association for Women’s Health Care

The Association for Women’s Health Care, located at 30 N Michigan Ave #300, provides comprehensive, compassionate OB/GYN care to women living in Chicago and Northbrook. Thanks to their multi-location structure, patients are guaranteed convenient screening, diagnosis, and treatment from a team of expert doctors and nurses.

Sexual abuse lawyer near meRegardless of their age, patients can be served by the experts at the Association for Women’s Health Care. For example, adolescent women can establish a health care routine and learn the basics about their bodies, be educated on contraception and safe sex practices, and learn about possible menstrual problems. More generally, the practice provides care for the concerns of women in their 20-30s and performs services, such as STD screenings, breast exams, and counseling.


Proper Balance Healthcare

Proper Balance in Chicago is a health & wellness center dedicated to bettering the immediate and life-long health and well-being of all their patients via the employment of chiropractic, massages, physiotherapy and nutritional care.

Proper Balance’s mission is clearly set on relieving the everyday pains and stresses of patients. Most importantly, they strive to accomplish this mission while maintaining the highest ethics, integrity and professional standards possible.

Their “all-natural” approach helps patients reduce or eliminate the needs for unnecessary medication and invasive surgeries, essentially by allowing the body to repair itself utilizing its own intrinsic healing powers. Patients who give Proper Balance a short are regularly amazed by the rapid results they are able to achieve with this seemingly simple methodology.

Illinois Health and Hospital Association

The Illinois Health and Hospital Association has been serving Illinois’ 200+ hospitals and 40 health systems with one overarching mission – to be the trusted voice and resource for the members of their association as they care for their communities.

The IHA’s members provide a broad range of services, not just within their own private pratices’ walls, but throughout their communities. Reflecting the diversity of Illinois, their members are likewise non-profit, investor-owned and public hospitals that include safety net hospitals, community hospitals, specialty hospitals, rural hospital, and teaching hospitals.

Similarly, the vision they look to achieve in their future is to become the most trusted and influential Association in advancing optimal health and healthcare, not only in the city of Chicago but at a national level.

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