Guy D’Andrea Quoted in LA Times Article on GYN Sex Abuse Case at the University of Southern California

Laffey, Bucci & Kent attorney Guy D'Andrea interviewed and quoted in LA Times article on the USC gynecologist sex assault case. Guy represents victims of sex assault and abuse.

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Guy D’Andrea Interviewed on College GYN Doctor Sex Assault Case in California (June 2018)

Guy D'Andrea Phila Injury Lawyer
Attorney Guy D’Andrea

Laffey, Bucci & Kent attorney Guy D’Andrea was interviewed for an LA Times article on the recent sex assault case at the University of Southern California (USC). The case involves hundreds of allegations of sexual assault by a school gynecologist. Since the story broke, the doctor was fired and the head of the school left. See, USC scandal sparks a reckoning in gynecology: How to better protect patients? (published on June 25, 2018, accessed on June 27, 2018).

Guy’s interview centered around issues of patient safety and advocacy. As a former prosecutor who has championed the rights of sex assault victims and victims of violent crimes, Guy is no stranger to victim advocacy. Prior to joining the firm’s Crime Victim Injury Group in 2017, Guy prosecuted hundreds of criminal cases as an Assistant District Attorney in Philadelphia. As a member of the firm’s Crime Victim Injury Group, Guy now represents victims of crime in civil lawsuits against perpetrators as well as other entities who may be held liable, such as schools, churches, youth organizations, etc.

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More on the College Gyno Investigation at USC

The recent investigation into USC campus gynecologist George Tyndall follows the national #MeToo movement. To-date, hundreds of students and former students at USC have come forward with allegations of sex abuse during examinations by Tyndall. Lawsuits have been filed alleging that the school failed to heed warnings of the doctor’s abusive behavior.

The USC case has spawned a discussion in patient protection and education in gynecology. Oftentimes, victims of abuse during a gynecological exam doubt their own feelings and recollections of what occurred. After all, doctors are typically viewed as saints. Given the personal nature of these kinds of physical exams, patients often defer to their doctors, believing and trusting that the physical contact is appropriate.

Many gynecology or women’s health offices require chaperones during physical exams. A nurse or other medical professional may be present during an exam. While this often discourages sexual assault during exams, it’s by no means a guarantee. In the USC case, a chaperone filed a report with the campus rape crisis center, thus leading to Tyndall’s firing.

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