Forklift Accidents at Work – Types of Forklifts & Injuries


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Forklifts are used across various industries, including the construction, lumber, and building materials supply industry. While they are absolutely necessary, they often result in accidents and major injuries.

Forklift accident case result: $2.75 million for dock worker struck by forklift

There are multiple types of forklifts:

  • electric rider forklifts,
  • electric aisle forklifts,
  • electric hand trucks,
  • internal combustion forklifts, and
  • rough terrain forklifts.

Electric forklifts may be used at warehouses and factories. For example, an aisle forklift is used to move heavy items from shelves. Workers are often injured in strike or tip over forklift accident situations. A worker walking or standing near a forklift at a warehouse may be struck by a forklift, or the forklift driver may be injured when the forklift overturns.

Rough terrain forklifts are often used at large construction sites such as commercial buildings or property worksites. These kinds of forklifts are designed to ride on uneven terrain like dirt and can carry large, heavy items such as concrete blocks. Like with electric forklift accidents, construction site forklift accident injuries often occur due to strike accidents or tip over accidents. A worker standing near a load may be struck or crushed when a forklift operator fails to maneuver correctly, resulting in the forklift tipping over.

In addition, another type of risk associated with forklifts in the workplace is silent, but deadly, especially at workplaces where combustion forklifts are used. Carbon monoxide during forklift use is a serious risk that can kill workers within minutes of exposure.

Common Claims Made in a Work Forklift Accident Case

The vast majority of workers injured in forklift accidents will be able to make workers’ compensation claims and receive medical treatment and in cases of disability, partial lost wage payments. However, the drawback of the workers’ compensation system is that it generally does not allow for pain and suffering payments.

Another type of claim which may be made in a work forklift accident case involves filing a “third party lawsuit” against a non-employer party. These kinds of claims can be made alongside any workers’ comp claims and do provide compensation for pain and suffering damages.

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In forklift accident cases, multiple parties may be liable, such as a general contractor on a construction site or a forklift manufacturer/retailer. These third party lawsuits may involve negligence claims and/or defective product injury claims. For instance, on large construction site involving a forklift tip over accident, the general contractor may be liable for failing to provide a safe workplace, and the forklift manufacturer may be liable for defective design of the forklift.

Work Forklift Accident Lawyers

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