Forklift Accidents & Injuries at Work, 2015 is Off to a Bad Start for Workers


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Forklift accidents top the list in terms of work related accidents which result in serious injuries. Overturn accidents are probably one of the most common types of forklift accidents. Overturn accidents occur when workers, including forklift drivers and bystanders, literally get trapped underneath forklifts. Critical injuries such as crush injuries are common. Deaths are also very common.

Here’s a look at recent forklift accidents nationwide so far in 2015; the majority of these recent forklift accidents involved overturn situations.

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Tennessee Man Killed in Warehouse Forklift Accident (January 2015)

A warehouse worker in Tennessee was killed at a packing operation company in Springfield, Tennessee, located about 20 miles north of Nashville. The worker was killed when the forklift he was operating overturned on him, resulting in fatal injuries. It appears he was a contract employee through a staffing agency in Tennessee. This work accident remains under investigation.

Texas Man Injured in Forklift Overturn Accident (January 2015)

Also in January, another worker suffered a similar accident when the forklift he was operating overturned on him. Like the Tennessee worker, this man was also a contract worker. According to a local news report, the forklift driver encountered a problem due to the material on the forklift. The counterbalance rolled over and caused the accident. The man suffered a serious leg injury.

Illinois Man Injured in Another Forklift Overturn Accident (January 2015)

Another forklift overturn accident resulted in injury. This time, an industrial worker was trapped under a forklift being operated by another worker. The accident occurred at a loading dock. The man’s lower legs were trapped under the forklift. Fortunately, the injuries weren’t fatal. However, severe crush injuries were likely.

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Forklift Driver Killed in New York Forklift Accident (March 2015)

In March, a Long Island, NY man was killed when he lost control of his forklift and fell off. He struck his head, suffering fatal injuries. The incident occurred at a green house in Long Island. It’s unclear what caused the forklift operator to lose control of the forklift. As with all work related fatalities, OSHA is investigating.

Louisiana Forklift Repair Worker Fatally Crushed by Forklift (April 2015)

Also in April, a forklift repair worker was tragically killed when a forklift he was maintaining overturned, trapping him underneath. He was crushed to death. The accident occurred at a large retail store in Chalmette, located just outside of New Orleans.

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