Forklift Accidents in 2014, Recent Crush Accidents


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Forklift accidents cause nearly 35,000 injuries per year, and most of them are very serious injuries. Forklift accidents often result in catastrophic crush injuries. Arms and legs are often caught under the forklifts, resulting in devastating crush injuries. Lifelong disabilities often result.

Injured workers are often bystanders, individuals who are literally working alongside the forklifts. In addition, forklift operators can fall off and become injured when body parts are caught underneath forklifts.

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Below is a discussion of recent, non-fatal forklift accidents over the last 2 months.

Ohio Worker Run Over by Forklift

In May, a 21 year old worker in Dayton, Ohio was serious injured when he was run over by a forklift at a construction worksite. The forklift operator accidentally ran over the worker after the two had stopped to talk. The forklift ran over the worker’s leg and stomach. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) is conducting an investigation. However, OSHA, the federal government agency responsible for overseeing workplace safety in the U.S., is not required to investigate non-fatal accidents.

Maryland Worker’s Arm Trapped Under Forklift

Also in May, a worker in Baltimore, Maryland was flown to a nearby hospital after his arm was caught underneath a forklift. It is unclear how the accident occurred and whether the injured worker was operating the forklift or was a bystander.

New York Worker Falls 8 Feet Trying to Hook a Forklift

In June, a worker in Long Island, NY fell 8 feet when he slipped while trying to hook a forklift to a drain. The accident occurred at a concrete company which makes concrete trenches/retaining walls.

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Massachusetts Worker’s Foot Pinned by Forklift

A worker in Springfield, Massachusetts was seriously injured when his foot was pinned by the wheel of a forklift. The worker was performing work at a local plant. Emergency crew had to use the jaws of life to free the worker’s foot.

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