Emergency Clinics in Philadelphia

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This post highlighting some of the top emergency clinics in the region is presented by the team of Philadelphia accident attorneys of Laffey, Bucci & Kent.

Notorious not only for its nationally recognized art museum but also for the numerous health care centers that populate its borders, the city of Philadelphia in the county by the same name is poised to become a hub of medical innovation in the coming years and decades. In the article below, we discuss some of the top emergency clinics that will undoubtedly help to achieve this goal.

myDoc Urgent Care

myDoc Urgent Care possess numerous clinics throughout the Philly area including in Center City, University City, Chinatown, and Progress Plaza, all of which are intended to fulfill the mission of the Urgent Care clinic – to provide high quality medical care and an excellent patient experience at an affordable price.

myDoc Urgent Care at 1420 Locust Street treats all non-life threatening injuries and illnesses and provides services ranging from primary care to X-ray, lab testing, minor surgical procedures and more.

The health care providers at myDoc seek to eliminate the issues seen at a nationwide level as far as unnecessary ER visits, and they aim to do this via expedited medical care and accessibility. At myDoc locations, all patients are accepted for treatment and care. Most importantly, affordable self-payment options are also available for all who visit. Moreover, the clinic accepts more than just the most common health coverage insurance carriers.

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Vybe Urgent Care

Vybe was established on the basic belief that everyone deserves great care. In the modern day, urgent care has become “the new way to be seen” for many patients who are fed up with long waits or expensive ER bills. All urgent care providers claim to be affordable, accessible, high quality and fast. To gain their patients’ trust, vybe’s mission is to be all that and more.

Vybe also strongly believes that first impressions matter. Their locations, particularly the one at 1420 Chestnut Street, has been described as warm, comfortable and inviting. Moreover, all of their Philly-area locations feature electronic-charging stations long with free coffee for all.

Most notably, at vybe the focus is on the patient’s experience. In seeking to improve, they’ve developed a service culture that puts the client first. A “service culture” means every patient can expect our vybe’s unique mix of empathy, kindness and quality care. All are welcomes with a smile and can expect their experienced team to do everything they can to solve a patient’s problems and ultimately make them feel better.

GPHA Chinatown Medical Services

The Greater Philadelphia Health Action’s (GPHA) mission is to provide quality comprehensive medical, dental, behavioral health, pharmacy and child development services t all patients with the assistance of their expert staff of professionals. While using a fiscally responsible approach, GPHA seeks to meet the needs of a diverse population regardless of their ability to pay.

Indeed, GPHA in Chinatown (432 N 6th Street) is committed to providing the best healthcare for families in the Philadelphia region no matter what their economic standing. The GPHA team believes the uninsured and underinsured deserve comprehensive, accessible and quality healthcare as much as those who are insured. That’s why their health centers cater to the entire family—infants, teens, adults and seniors—with a superior medical staff that constantly strives to stay on top of new technology and techniques that will benefit patients of all ages.

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