Drugstore Accident Lawsuits in Pennsylvania


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On any given day, literally hundreds of people run to their local drugstore and pharmacy to get prescription medications and other various items. However, accidents can and do occur. In some cases, Pennsylvania accident law allows for financial recovery when negligent conduct of a drugstore or pharmacy leads to an accident.

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3 Common Types of Drugstore-Pharmacy Accidents

Outside the Drugstore – Sidewalk/Parking Lot Accident

Under Pennsylvania law, businesses which are open to the general public are required to keep the store premises and surrounding areas in a reasonably safe condition. This applies to the inside of the store and also applies to any abutting sidewalks and the parking lot area. Sidewalks and parking lot asphalt require regular inspection and maintenance. Failure to perform reasonable inspections and maintenance may result in liability.

Example: The sidewalk in front of a drugstore is in need of repair. A tree root has caused an uneven section in the sidewalk, near the curb where individuals enter the store. The store’s manager was aware of the problem for over a month, but did not take any corrective action. Here, the manager’s awareness of the problem and failure to take action will likely lead to liability if a customer trips and falls over the sidewalk.

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Inside the Drugstore – Slip, Trip and Fall Accident

Slip and fall and trip and fall accidents do not only occur outside; they also occur inside, in aisles, restrooms, etc. While the majority of fall accidents do not result in serious injuries, some fall accidents can result in major head injuries and broken bones, such as fractured ankles and wrists. For example, a woman walking near a water fountain slips on water which accumulated due to a leak in the fountain. In an attempt to break her fall, she lands on her wrist and suffers a serious fracture. Here, the drugstore might be liable if there is evidence that it either knew about the leak or otherwise should have known about it.

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Debris/Merchandise Accident

Merchandise accidents often involve merchandise falling from a shelf or shelves collapsing onto an unsuspecting customer. For example, a shelf collapses onto a customer, causing a severe head injury. The customer may have a valid lawsuit against the drugstore if it can be proven that the store had prior notice about the risk of collapse or was otherwise negligent in failing to recognize the potential for collapse.

Financial Compensation in a Drugstore-Pharmacy Accident in PA

If you were injured in an accident at a drugstore or pharmacy in Pennsylvania, you may be able to make a claim against the store and obtain financial recovery for your injuries and losses. You may be able to obtain compensation for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.

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