What is the difference between bodily injury coverage and UIM coverage in PA?


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A: The main differences between bodily injury coverage and UIM coverage are 1. who is making the claim and 2. the nature of the claim. Bodily injury coverage protects an insured driver from another person’s negligence claim. So in other words, bodily injury coverage applies when you cause a car accident and get sued for negligence by another driver, passenger, etc. The other driver is making a claim against you. Every car insurance policy written in Pennsylvania must have a minimum of $15,000 of bodily injury protection or coverage. Many individuals and companies buy more coverage, from $50,000 to $1,000,000 and anything in between.

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UIM or UM claims protect an insured driver from another driver’s negligence. These kinds of coverages may apply when you get into an accident that was caused by another driver. You are the person making the claim, and you make the claim against your own policy. That’s the nature of UIM/UM insurance. You are buying extra coverage for when another driver is either underinsured (UIM) or has no insurance at all and is therefore uninsured (UM). The limits of UIM and UM coverage vary, depending on the policy.  Learn more about why underinsured and uninsured coverage are so important for Pennsylvania residents.

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