Delaware Senate Hopeful Arrested in Criminal Child Sex Abuse Case


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A candidate for the Delaware state senate was indicted this week on 113 counts of sexually abusing a minor. The candidate beat out the incumbent state senator in September for the nomination. Since the indictment, he surrendered to authorities and also resigned.

The allegations revolve around a man who alleges that he was sexually molested between 1987 and 1990, when the victim was barely a teenage boy, ten to thirteen years old. These allegations are very disturbing and if true, will shake the foundation of politics in Delaware. Related news: Delaware state court judge admits to sexually abusing a young boy.

With increase in awareness and the recent media attention surrounding the Sandusky case and the Philadelphia priest abuse criminal trials, more and more victims are finding the courage to step forward and report abuse. From a criminal law standpoint, reporting abuse not only serves to deter the abuser, but also encourages other victims to step forward.

For more information, contact Brian Kent, a civil sex abuse lawyer and former sex crimes unit prosecutor.

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