Crimes & Violence at Work – Civil Tort Cases


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Crimes are very common at work. According to the Justice Department Bureau of Justice Statistics, Workplace Violence, 1993-2009, nearly 600,000 nonfatal violent workplace crimes occur each year. This includes sexual assault, rape, robbery and assault-related crimes. Workplace violence tends to fall into three categories:

1. crimes connected to the employment (i.e., assault of bar bouncer, robbery of gas station attendant),
2. crimes not connected to the employment (i.e., random gun violence), and
3. violence imported from an employee’s personal life to the employment (i.e., domestic violence).

Those at risk of workplace violence often include store clerks, bouncers, bartenders, security guards, and teachers. Whether it is an assault by a co-worker or customer, workplace violence can lead to serious injuries. Not only are there physical injuries, but victims of workplace violence often suffer depression and anxiety.

Victims of workplace violence are often led to believe they have no remedy for the crime. In some cases, workers’ compensation will provide medical and disability (wage loss) benefits. Also, victims may be able to obtain both workers’ compensation benefits as well as additional financial compensation from other parties. In many workplace crime/violence cases, civil tort claims may be made against co-workers and/or employers, as well as other third parties, such as:

  • security companies,
  • building/store owners, and
  • property management and maintenance companies.

The reality is that many workplace violence injuries were preventable. In many cases, a person other than the criminal perpetrator had a duty to act in a reasonable manner to prevent the incident. Accordingly, the laws of Pennsylvania and New Jersey recognize a victim’s right to file claims against other parties (individuals as well as businesses) whose negligence contributed to the event. Victims of workplace crimes may be able to recover financial compensation for their pain and suffering as well as medical treatment and psychological treatment.

Pennsylvania & New Jersey Workplace Violence Lawyers

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