Construction Site Work Fall Accidents & Scaffolds


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One of the leading causes of work related injuries is fall accidents at work. Construction site or work site fall accidents are no exception. Fall accidents at construction and work sites usually involve the following:

  • scaffolds,
  • falls from heights, roofs and roof openings,
  • ladders,
  • falls from heavy equipment, and
  • walkway fall accidents.

In Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations apply to construction sites and work sites. In many cases involving a fall accident, OSHA regulations were negligently or intentionally ignored.

Common Problems with Scaffolds – Weak Platforms & Inadequate Scaffold Foundations

Scaffold foundation negligence
Example of improper scaffold foundation, screws absent and loosening out of base plate

A common problem involving scaffolds is negligence in building the scaffold platform. Scaffolds should be fully decked or planted and be able to withstand 4 times the maximum load the scaffold is made to hold/carry. Many scaffold accident situations involve single planks platforms and inadequate scaffold footings.

In addition, scaffolds must be supported adequately. Footings must be level and rigid. The following are two common OSHA regulations which are often at issue in a scaffold collapse situation:

OSHA regulation 1926.451(c)(2): Supported scaffold poles, legs, posts, frames, and uprights shall bear on base plates and mud sills or other adequate firm foundation.

OSHA regulation 1926.451(c)(2)(i): Footings shall be level, sound, rigid, and capable of supporting the loaded scaffold without settling or displacement.

Obtaining Benefits Beyond Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation insurance provides medical benefits and disability benefits in cases of work injury related disability. However, many workers who get injured in scaffold accidents do not often know that they may have additional claims against other, non-employer parties.

A worker who sustains injury in a scaffold collapse accident may have a negligence case against the company which either installed/erected the scaffold or the general contractor in charge of the work site who failed to enforce safety regulations.

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