Compensation for Accidents at Work, Injured at Work in Pennsylvania

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I was inspired by companies like Credit Karma. I was amazed how they got into this area and made credit reports completely free and created a business around it…

Currently located in Las Vegas, Nevada, Jesse Willms is the owner of several vehicle history websites, which provide free vehicle history information. Using his websites, you are able to check the history of a used car and see if it has been in an accident, if it is reliable, if it has had any recalls, what consumers think about it, and how they have reviewed it. It started out as a concept in 2015 but it has turned into a successful site with about four million people using it monthly to get free vehicle information.

He was interested in business from an early age. When he was 15, he started reading a lot of different books on business, with an interest in biographies and stock investing books, but he was open to reading virtually any book he could get his hands on.

Willms was really fascinated by famous investors like Warren Buffet and others that had gained a lot of wealth. Since he was reading so much, he began a business by selling books online when he was 16. Initially, he did not feel the effort was worth it since it took a lot of time and resources to make a small amount of revenue. However, this experience taught him valuable lessons which he then used to sell computer software online. Jesse Willms enjoyed selling items online so much that he quit school at 17 to pursue his passion for e-commerce.