Common Claims Made in Pennsylvania and New Jersey Longshore/Marine Terminal Accident Lawsuits


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In the late 1990’s, OSHA enacted a series of regulations designed to reduce longshore and marine terminal accidents. Despite those regulations, longshoring remains a significantly dangerous occupation.

The most common types of injuries are strike injuries or injuries which occur when a worker is struck by or run over by vehicles or power industrial trucks (PIT), such as forklifts. In addition, trucks, cranes and front-end loaders are commonly involved in these kinds of accidents. Activities during ro-ro (roll-on roll-off) operations or at night lead to many of these kinds of accidents.

There are multiple claims which can be made in a longshore or maritime accident case where a worker is run over or struck by a vehicle:

  • failure to provide safe access routes,
  • failure to provide safe work areas where PIT’s are operated,
  • operating a PIT with faulty brakes, lights, etc.,
  • operating a PIT with obstructed views,
  • failure to provide adequate lights during nighttime operations,
  • failure to provide adequate training,
  • failure to obtain required certifications,
  • failure to mark pedestrian traffic walkways, and
  • failure to mark vehicle traffic lanes.

longshore marine terminal containersLongshore and marine terminal accidents often result in significant injury or death. However, many workers are mistaken about their right to receive full compensation and only file workers’ compensation claims. In many cases, there will be a valid claim against the terminal and other companies such as forklift operating companies.

There is no way to be sure unless a qualified longshore accident lawyer reviews the case.  In addition, most lawyers will provide these kinds of reviews at no cost to the injured worker and their family. It is important to speak to a lawyer as soon as possible. A prompt and thorough investigation increases the chance of a full recovery.

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