Civil Sex Abuse Lawsuits – Negotiating for Change


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Ask any victim of sex abuse and the one thing they truly want is justice. After months, years or even decades of silence, a sex abuse victim wants to be heard, to know that the abuser is taking responsibility for his or her actions and will never hurt another person or child again.

Filing criminal charges might help in the sense that the abuser is held to account for his or her crimes. However, the reality is that the burden of proof in a criminal case is the highest burden imposed in our justice system.

The “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard imposed in criminal cases means that a defendant who is actually guilty might go free because there is not enough evidence to convict. This is especially so in cases where there is no physical evidence, there are no eyewitnesses, and/or it is a case of credibility – “he said, she said.” In general, juries have a hard time convicting any defendant in “he said, she said” cases, without additional evidence.

What this means is that a criminal sex abuse case may be unsuccessful. Justice, however, does not end with a criminal case. A civil case can achieve what a criminal cannot.

Justice in a sex abuse case may result in real change at a place like a school, church or organization which protected the abuser. For example, in a case where a school or youth organization failed to train its employees about a sex abuse reporting policy or worse, failed to even have one, a civil sex abuse case may result in a new policy or better training practices. These kinds of steps can help to prevent sex abuse in the future and these are the kinds of things that only a civil case can accomplish.

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