Recent High Profile Child Sex Abuse & Crime Case – By a PA and NJ Sex Abuse & Assault Lawyer

In the most recent high profile child sex abuse case, a former Subway spokesperson was sentenced to prison for sex crime and child pornography charges. The disgraced spokesperson pled guilty to having sex with minors and receiving child pornography.

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Last month, former Subway spokesperson, Jared Fogle, was sentenced to prison for more than 15 years after pleading guilty to child pornography and sex crime charges.

Fogle’s sex crimes came to light after his home was raided this past July. Thereafter, Fogle admitted to paying for sex with girls as young as 16 years old and receiving child pornography from Russell Taylor, a former executive director of the Jared Foundation, a nonprofit organization Fogle started to raise awareness and money to fight childhood obesity.

According to authorities, Taylor secretly filmed 12 minors in his home to produce child pornography. Hidden cameras were placed in his home to film the minors when they were nude, changing clothes or engaging in other activities. Fogle received photographs or videos of 8 of the 12 minors. Some of the minors were as young as 12 years old. Rather than stopping Taylor from exploiting the minors after receiving the photographs or films, Fogle encouraged Taylor to produce more.

In addition, court documents reveal that Fogle had sex with 2 girls under the age of 18 at New York City hotels and paid them for it.  Prosecutors also had witnesses who were prepared to testify about conversations Fogle had with them offering a “finder’s fee” for seeking minors for him.

Fogle agreed to pay a total of $1.4 million in restitution to his 14 victims who will each receive $100,000 intended for counseling, support and other assistance.

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The Problem of Child Sex Abuse & Sex Crimes

Child sex abuse and child pornography have become serious problems in the United States, including Pennsylvania and New Jersey. In fact, Pennsylvania ranks second in teacher student sex abuse cases. In addition, the internet has exacerbated sex crimes, such as child pornography.   Sexual predators can create and distribute child pornography easily via the internet. They can set up websites for other sexual predators to share child pornography.

Sex Abuse Victims’ Rights in PA & NJ

Victims of sex abuse and sexual assault have legal rights. They may file criminal cases, as well as civil cases, against their direct perpetrators. Victims of sex abuse in PA and NJ may also file civil lawsuits against indirect perpetrators, such as schools or organizations that allowed the sex abuse to occur. However, many sex abuse victims may not come forward due to shame, embarrassment or fear.

Brian Kent, Esq., a former sex crimes prosecutor, fights for and represents PA and NJ sex abuse victims in civil lawsuits against their direct and indirect perpetrators. Because Mr. Kent was a former sex crimes prosecutor, he can best explain sex abuse victims’ rights in both the criminal and civil justice system in PA and NJ. Mr. Kent always offers FREE confidential consultations.

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