Common Causes of Work Falls at Pennsylvania & New Jersey Worksites (Part A)


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Workplace accidents involving slips, trips, and falls can cause devastating injuries, especially falls from heights. Under Pennsylvania and New Jersey laws, workers who are injured in these kinds of accidents may have viable negligence claims against certain parties. For example, maintenance companies and contractors often bear liability for creating a situation in which a person slips, trips or falls at work. Read more about our PA & NJ workplace fall accident law practice.

Falls from heights and slip and trip accidents are the most common kinds of work related accidents. Falls from heights are generally divided into two types: falls at the same level or falls to a lower level. These kinds of accidents generally involve construction workers who work at heights, i.e., scaffolds, ladders, etc.

Work Related Falls From Heights: Falls at the Same Level

Not all falls at heights involve falling to a level below. Workers who perform their jobs at heights, whether on roofs, ladders or scaffolds, often trip or slip and then fall on the same level they are working on. Debris, materials protruding in a walkway and even food/spills are common causes of these kinds of accidents. For example on a roof, a worker may trip over debris or construction material left lying around. Injuries can and do occur in situations like these.

Work Related Falls From Heights: Falls to a Lower Level

Scaffold work|Fall Accident Lawyer PA NJFalls to a lower level, if not fatal, often cause catastrophic injuries. Severe spine injuries, head injuries, and broken bones are very common. Falls to a lower level usually occur due to multiple factors, such as:

  • failure to use personal fall arrest equipment,
  • failure to implement required OSHA safety requirements,
  • failure to employ safety managers,
  • failure to train employees, and/or
  • product defects.

Under Pennsylvania and New Jersey negligence laws, workers injured in fall accidents while on the job can make claims for pain and suffering, medical bills, and lost wages. Read more about recovering for injuries from a slip and fall accident at work. It is important to speak to a knowledgeable workplace fall accident lawyer to investigate the case.

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