Can a government run facility be held liable for sexual abuse?


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A: In certain situations, a government agency can be held liable for sexual abuse committed by a state or federal agency employee. However, in order to maintain a case against a government agency, most state and federal laws require that the individual serve notice of the intention to file a lawsuit against the government agency. Therefore, it is vital that any potential case against a government employee and agency, state or federal, be reviewed by a knowledgeable sexual abuse lawyer.

There is a common theory which can be applied in sex abuse cases involving a government agency/employee. That theory, known as the “snake pit” theory holds a government agency liable for sexual abuse committed by a government employee where it can be shown that the government agency either created or increased the risk of danger.

Pennsylvania Public School Sex Assault Law Update – Federal Court Rules Against Philadelphia Public School [September 2016: 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals rules against a public school in Philadelphia where a school teacher allowed an unknown adult to remove a kindergarten student from class and the adult later sexually assaults the student.]

In Pennsylvania and New Jersey, this snake pit theory can be used to hold a government agency liable for sexual abuse and assault of an individual. For more information, contact Brian Kent, a Pennsylvania and New Jersey sex abuse lawyer and former sex crimes unit prosecutor.

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